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Trainer Qualification

Any individual applying to become a Qualified Trainer must meet the requirements set by APPA before applying for qualification. 

APPA, in an effort to develop and maintain professional trainers encourages interested individuals to apply to become Qualified Trainers for Supervisor's Toolkit: Nuts and Bolts of Facilities Supervision.  To maintain the quality and professional standards established by APPA for Toolkit trainers the following policy is set for individuals desiring to become a Qualified Trainer.  The objective is to have only the best trainers conducting Toolkit and to maintain the standards established since it was written. 

Any individual applying to become a qualified trainer must have experience in management training and development.  An education background in training is beneficial, but not required.  A minimum of two years experience in facilities is required and must be documented by two letters of recommendation and a resume.  An individual wanting to become a Qualified Trainer:

1. Must have management experience in facilities or related organization.
2. Must have proven presentation and facilitation skills, including knowledge and experience in the use of PowerPoint and standard AV equipment.
3. Must have experience in management training to include training in interpersonal skills and the “soft skills” of training, such as communication, motivation, diversity, and related areas.  An individual with strictly technical skills and/or safety skills training experience should not apply.
4. Must have experience in communicating with a diverse audience.  Diversity includes education, literacy, position in the organization, and related diverse backgrounds.
5. Must know the subjects of Toolkit and believes in and have a passion for what they are teaching/training.
6. Individuals must be willing to share personal experiences about the subject areas and have a good sense of humor.
7. Must be flexible.  Be able to adapt material and program based on scheduling needs, level of audience participation, or emergencies.
8. Must be able to keep on track – stay in charge and keep the program moving without spending too much time on individual issues.
9. Must be comfortable in addressing sensitive issues and have the skills necessary to bring the audience back to the objectives of the program if interrupted by participants who demonstrate emotional responses to course activities.
10. Must have strong planning and organizational skills and have experience in facilitating hands-on activities.
11. Must attend a complete Toolkit training program conducted by Master Trainers or Qualified Trainers or a combination of both.

If a candidate meets or exceeds the qualifications listed above, has the support of their institution, and wishes to pursue qualification to become a Qualified Trainer, they should contact the APPA office.  The candidate is encouraged to attend more than one Toolkit training program with different trainers to see how training styles differ and how they can be beneficial to participants.  In some situations this may allow the candidate to practice on different modules as they prepare for evaluation.  All candidates must be observed, evaluated, and approved by a Master Trainer.

All candidates desiring to become a Qualified Trainer must submit two letters of recommendations identifying qualifications as a trainer along with their resume to APPA.  At that time, if the candidate is approved to pursue becoming a Qualified Trainer, APPA will coordinate with one of the Master Trainers at the next training opportunity for the candidate to be evaluated.

A Master Trainer will come to the training site to evaluate potential candidates.  All candidates must conduct a minimum of three Modules from the Toolkit program.  This requirement can be met by conducting three individual Modules or by conducting Module three, Communication, and one other Module. 

Institutions hosting the Toolkit program who have a potential Qualified Trainer candidate will be required to pay for all expenses incurred for time and travel (reasonable travel expenses, lodging, meals, and rental car if necessary) to the training site along with an evaluation fee of $1,000 a day for one of APPA’s Master Trainers to observe and evaluate the candidate. 

If approved by a Master Trainer, all Qualified Trainers will be provided with a Toolkit Leader’s Guide, CD-Rom disc and handouts, including all necessary information to conduct Toolkit.

All Toolkit training programs conducted by institutions with Qualified Trainers must have participants complete program evaluations.  The original evaluations must be sent to APPA to validate the training and to safeguard the integrity of the program.

After successfully meeting the requirements to become qualified, which includes the signing of APPA’s Qualified Trainer License Agreement and paying a one-time licensing fee of $500.00, a Qualified Trainer can conduct Toolkit by purchasing the Participant Guides and Handouts from APPA.  No additional expenses are required once qualification has been established.