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ISO Facilities Management Technical Committee 267



Jim Whittaker, Facility Engineering Associates
ANSI US/TAG to ISO/TC 267 chair


Ted Weidner, Purdue
ISO TC 267 Work Group 3 chair


The International Standards Organization (ISO) established Technical Committee 267 (ISO TC 267) in 2011. It is the first ISO technical committee authorized to create international standards for the discipline of facilities management. The ASCC seeks to ensure that vantage points, expertise, guidelines, standards, and best practices established by APPA and its membership are considered for inclusion in the ISO TC 267 standards development process and resulting ISO standards.

The ISO TC 267 committee is awaiting approval by ISO on its first two ISO standards, presently in final draft form: Facilities Management – Part I: Terms and Definitions, and Facilities Management Part 2: Guidance on Strategic Sourcing and the Development of Agreements. It is anticipated that both standards will be approved by ISO in 2016.  A framework document for a third proposed standard, to be entitled Facilities Management – Integrated Management System – Requirements (with Guidance for Use), was approved by TC 267 in June 2015. ASCC representative Ted Weidner chairs the Technical Committee’s Work Group 3 (WG3), which is responsible for developing the systems standard. Members of WG3 also include Brooks Baker (ASCC Chair), and APPA Associate Vice President John Bernhards. All three WG3 members also serve on the ANSI-established U.S. Technical Advisory Group (US TAG) to TC 267, which determines U.S. positions and contributions for submission and approval by the ISO Technical Committee. 

The “System Management” standard will address facilities management leadership, performance metrics and evaluation, and other areas in which APPA’s own programs and services are widely known and used.  The ASCC believes it is important to monitor and participate where possible in the development of the Management System standard – as part of future Work Group delegations and as active participants on the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO. This will ensure that the educational facilities practice developed by members and embodied in APPA’s programs are consistent with internationally recognized practices, and enable APPA to demonstrate leadership in facility practices globally.