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Mentoring is an essential leadership skill. In addition to managing and motivating people, it's also important that you can help others learn, grow and become more effective in their jobs. Do you want to move your career forward? Would you like to develop your leadership skills as well as help others learn, grow, and
improve their skills? Or would you like to find someone who can help you do these things? APPA is here to help provide you the platform to develop a mentoring partnership. Visit us today to review how APPA's initiative is well underway under the leadership of John Morris, APPA's Chair of the Mentoring Committee.

Become Part of the APPA Mentor/Mentee Community

Are you ready to mentor a colleague who is developing their career path? Are you ready to be a mentee to a colleague who can share valuable experiences you won't learn in a book? Then download your mentor or mentee application today and join APPA's Mentoring Community.

Click here to download APPA's Mentor Application.
Click here to download APPA's Mentee Application.

Committee Members
Chair: John Morris, Northern Arizona University

Committee Members (Affiliation)
CAPPA: Shelton Riley, Texas Christian University
ERAPPA: Nancy Yeroshefsky, University of Maryland
MAPPA: Steve Gilsdorf, Western Michigan University
PCAPPA: Bob Andrews, California State University/East Bay
RMA: Lisa Potter, University of Colorado/Boulder
SRAPPA: Gerald Grimes, Middle Tennessee State University
Emerging Professional Representative: Joseph Fullerton, San Mateo County Community College District
Historically Black Colleges University Representative:Robert Wall, University of Arkansas/Pine Bluff
APPA Board Liason: Ruthann Manlet, University of Minnesota
APPA Board Liason: Michelle Frederick, American University

Regional Resources

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For the current resources that are available in the ERAPPA Region click here.
For the current resources that are available in the MAPPA Region click here.