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Thought Leaders Report 2012: Campus Space...An Asset and a Burden [PDF]

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Thought Leaders Report 2012: Campus Space...An Asset and a Burden [PDF]Thought Leaders Report 2012: Campus Space...An Asset and a Burden [PDF].
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Date Published:September 2012
Cover type:PDF
No of Pages:33
Notes:Produced in conjunction with APPA's Center for Facilities Research (CFaR)

The 2012 Thought Leaders Symposium, sponsored in part by DTZ, a UGL company, and Jacobs, identified major issues, trends, and recommendations related to the focused topic of space management and utilization in higher education.  Contents include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Space Planning, Allocation, and Management in Higher Education
  • Opportunities and Implications of Improved Space Management for Senior Facilities Officers
  • Top Space Management Issues for Higher Education
     1. Align space management to the mission of the institution
     2. Make space one of the top assets of the institution
     3. Change the culture of space
     4. Develop effective policies, processes, and organizational structure to manage space
     5. Implement a space inventory system to understand resources and identify needs
     6. Address space utilization by assembling credible data and adopting best practices
  • References and Resources
  • List of Participants in the 2012 Thought Leaders Symposium 



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